“Every one of us
is responsible for
the culture…of
the environment
in which we work”
“The standard you
walk past is the
standard you
“an environment
free of negative
A strategy for sustaining a positive
workplace at Western Health

This strategy sets out actions that will help strengthen and sustain a positive workplace environment at Western Health.

An environment free of negative workplace behaviours.

An environment where employees and volunteers feel safe to work, where they work to their full potential and where Western Health continues to advance as a leading health service.

The best possible environment not only for our employees and volunteers, but also for the half a million patients who depend on us to be compassionate and respectful for their sake every day.


Positive Workplace Contact & Resolution Officers

We have Positive Workplace Contact Officers whose role is to ensure employees and volunteers of Western Health feel supported, can discuss concerns and are informed of options for action. Our Positive Workplace Resolution Officers role is to facilitate positive interactions at Western Health. You can raise a concern via our Contact Officers, who are experienced, respected and will confidentially address concerns, or via our Issues Vault.